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      In this week’s TaxVine, Patrick Sheehan, CTA, Director, My Tax Accountant and Chair of The Tax Institute’s National Taxation of Individuals Technical Committee, explains the role of the newly formed Taxation of Individuals Committee and shares his thoughts on claiming working from home (WFH) expenses in a ‘COVID-19 normal’ world.

      Patrick explains relevant case law and the practical issues with the application of the law by the ATO, providing recommendations for change.

      What are your thoughts, ideas, experiences and comments when it comes to WFH expenses? Join the conversation here.


      Zoe-Marie Beesley

      Tax Policy Assistant

      The Tax Institute

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      A related topic to strict WFH occupancy expenses are related travel expenses, including motor vehicle and airfares.  I would be interested in hearing other member’s thoughts about the deductibility of interstate travel expenses between the employee’s home state and the employer’s base in a different state.  I’ve heard conflicting views on this question.

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